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Toddler & Kiddy Land

Our courses are designed according to the toddlers’ age and their level of development.We aim to stimulate their interests in learning through different games and by allowing them to be actively involved.
Toddler & Kiddy Land aims at providing our children an all-round education, allowing them to learn through stimulating and interesting activities.

Course Highlight

  • Teachers will utilize all the different types of educational toys and teaching materials to stimulate children’s five senses, including tactile stimulation, sight, hearing, smell and taste in order to explore their talent and to stimulate their brain development. 
  • Teachers will follow the developmental needs of children to design transdisciplinary learning units and games, to allow children to learn in a fun-filled environment.
  • All activities will be carried out through games in order to stimulate children’s curiosity and observation. It also helps them to develop self -confidence and the initiative to explore.
  • Allows children to interact with their peers of the same age group, and to prepare them for kindergarten through group-learning activities.
  • Course materials match the needs of their day-to-day experience. It gives them a chance to learn how to express and understand themselves. In addition, they are also given the opportunity to learn to take care of themselves.
  • To stimulate their attention, expression and comprehension skills through these activities. In addition, it also allows them to become creative individuals.
  • Train their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills through different exercises and games.
  • Parents and children are given a chance to bond through these activities.