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Pre-school education is the basis of life-long learning and the development of an individual.

Our school emphasizes on the development of the fundamental skills of a child. In leading children to learn happily, we also think of the interest and reasoning power, the needs, mode of learning and past experiences of a child. Emphasizing on building up the concept of knowledge is the right path to cultivate the correct value and attitude. The key points of a child’s learning are knowledge, skills and attitude.

We cultivate an overall development in a child targetting moral, knowledge, physique, group and aesthetic aspects. We help them prepare for their future life and to lay the foundation for their studies.

There are various learning centers helping children to develop mentally and physically. These centers are the Library Corner, Family Corner, Nature Corner, Dancing Hall, Gym Room, Games Room and Unit Corner.

We create an atmosphere to help children for an all-round development. Through their daily living experience, use of their senses, research exploration and fun-filled activities, children can have a well-balanced development.