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Course Name Comprehensive Phonics & English Reading Development Programme
Code FL/E/PP
Target 3 years old or above
Content This is a programme which aims to develop in every pupil the ability to read independently with comprehension. It also aims to develop in them the love for reading, for them to be prepared for their future studies and for the challenges of this fast – changing world.The said programme uses a curriculum that is proven to be:Complete —-It coordinates reading, writing, spelling, phonics    and English speaking.

BalancedIt provides not only different exercises/activities but also songs and games to reinforce learning.

Systematic—-It provides a series of lessons that are arranged and designed in a way that will be very fitted and comprehensive for children.

Effective—— By using this curriculum, Funful English teachers have seen remarkable improvement in children’s performances in spelling, writing and speaking.

It has been highly successful in other countries like United States and Canada.

This programme will also give your children the ability to read, spell and write words by just listening to sounds and not by memorization.

Date/Time one time per week (12 lessons)


Course Name English Drama & Oral
Code FL/E/DO
Target 3 year old or above
Content Experienced English teachers are involved in teaching the English Drama and Oral course. Children learn acting and story-telling through this fun-filled and interactive course.
Date/Time Tue & Thu


Course Name English Tutor One to One
Code FL/E/ET
Target 3 year old or above
Content The teacher can provide individual attention to each student through this one-to-one English tuition course. This course helps the student’s vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar skills.Its constant supervision and custom-designed lesson drills can help fit the needs of your children and to help them build a solid foundation.
Date/Time one hour per lesson
$400 (per lesson)


Course Name English Buffet
Code FL/E/EB
Target 3 year old or above
Content The curriculum is based on the syllabus of the Cambridge (grade 1) Starters examination using activities in daily life as the main theme. Games and activities are used to help children express themselves, learn more vocabulary and master the use of phrases. Thus enabling children to gradually build up their confidence and also to lay a solid foundation in English.
Date/Time /
$3000 (12 unit)

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